Welcome to my musical world!


My name is Charles Bernier and I have been working as a performing songwriter from Maine, doing strictly original acoustic music for many years.  With a working song list of over 140 songs, I am available for any event from clubs to private functions and house parties. My music touches on many genres and tells stories of all kinds from humorous to serious and though provoking.

I have two 12 song studio albums, “No Fear” and “Something to Say” in the process of being released. These were professionally recorded by Jud Caswell at Frog Hollow Studio in Brunswick, Me. and feature my voice and acoustic guitar backed by acoustic lead, electric lead, drums, bass and harmonica. The artwork is just about ready and as soon as I get my on line presence “in line”, things are going to start happening.  I can’t wait, as these are my first studio albums.  My past CDs have all been of live performances and though they were well done (and have since sold out) they didn’t pack the kind of punch these two do.  On these I’m playing most of the instruments and my engineer Jud Caswell adding bass.  There will be more live recordings in the future, as well as many studio projects and the remastering an older live album.

If you would like to learn more about booking my show or getting on my email list (which makes you very special indeed), please contact me at charleslbernier@gmail.com.

Check out five of my songs from the album project for free at:  charleslbernier.com

Thank you for your interest and support,