No Fear

This song was written in response to a negative situation I was dealing with, where I was supposed to be intimidated by a group of people.  One thing I have learned in my sixty three years of life is that you can usually get the best of a “bully” by standing up to him or her.  In this case the idea for “I won’t be afraid of you, just ’cause you want me to”, came from that basic point.  I decided to expound on that and include all types of bullies, such as terrorists, lynch mobs, governments and religions, etc.  The idea that “a people afraid are a people so easily led”, reinforced the “No Fear” subject.  Kind of a “nothing to fear but fear itself” sort of thing.

This song went through an unusual metamorphism, in that the voice and guitar tracks were laid down first, then drums and bass.  Then I decided the acoustic guitar wasn’t the busy strum that the song normally has and so I added another acoustic guitar track with the heavy strumming.  I was actually winded after playing it, and I wasn’t even singing, as I would normally be doing.  The engineer then blended the heavy strumming with the first track to produce an interesting drive to this song.  It works well in that, that’s the same kind of drive the subject matter is delivering.  In addition to writing No Fear, I also played all instruments except bass guitar, which my engineer (Jud Caswell) added.

I’m hoping to get this message out to people of all ages that have to live with being bullied.  I did when I was young and I eventually learned the power of standing your ground.  I’ve found that bullies need to pick on someone weaker than themselves and when confronted they not only back down, but often times actually try to become your friend, much to my amazement.  But just as terrorists are not looking to destroy buildings or even kill people, as much as they are trying to make many more people afraid.  When we “are” afraid, we are giving them just what they want.  I have always thought, the best thing we could have done after 911 would have been to book a flight!